We do NOT consider Section 8 applications submitted by realtors.

We use the Standard NVAR Rental Application form used by ALL other owners, realtors in NOVA. Click to open, print and complete with pen (first 6 pages if 2 adults, all pages if 4 adults). We can decide quickly ONLY AFTER receipt of completed rental application with all attachments listed. NO Pets. NO Smoking.

Security deposit is taken from ALL tenants prior to move in date / keys release.

Click here to open and print Rental Application

The below procedure is for efficiency of Section8 tenants only.

1.   Request transfer of your voucher to Prince William County / have voucher already with Prince William County.

2.   Confirm with Prince William County Section 8 office they have received voucher transfer request.

3.   Confirm with Prince William County Section 8 office they have all your documents – birth certificate, Social Security number, paystubs, W2 etc. or send by email / fax to Section 8 office.

4.   Sign up with Prince William County Section 8 office for orientation meeting on 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. After above steps are done.

5.   Print standard NVAR rental application form on website, complete with pen, and include all 8 attachment checklist documents. Include 4 years rental history address, landlord details.

6.   Send standard NVAR rental application form to owner by email / fax, and Cashier’s check for Earnest Money Deposit EMD.

7.   At orientation meeting collect the voucher and RTA Request for Tenancy Approval form / voucher and RTA already available.

8.   Complete and sign the RTA Request for Tenancy Approval form and send to owner. List caseworker name, email, phone on blank space on 2nd page.

9.   Ask case worker time for RTA processing by Section8 office -- ?A days.

10.   Ask case worker days later when inspection by Section8 office -- ?B days.

11.   You should be searching for house available about date = RTA submission date to owner + ?A + ?B days later.

12.   If you have not given notice to current landlord and are searching for house read 9 to 11 to establish move in date and match house availability date on website before calling.

AVAILABLE Rentals in Woodbridge, Dumfries and limited to those listed in link Click here For Rental Listings

RTA will be signed by owner AFTER Earnest Money Deposit EMD is received.

For Section 8 / Voucher program contact your local housing office regarding the program and rent amount / number of bedrooms approval for your situation. For rental houses any tenant / Section8 tenant can look at house description, photos online. If interested get rent approved by Section8 office and call us back.  Your higher voucher amount does NOT guarantee that suggested rent will be approved by Section8 office for the excellent condition of the house. Section8 tenants please note rent amount is non-negotiable and you will pay difference between rent listed and Section8 approved number. No month to month extensions allowed.

Based on Section8 office approval time and Section8 tenant convenience completed application can be submitted 60 days in advance of lease end date mentioned below / tenant planned move date. This will also allow you to give 30 days notice to current landlord.  FHA allows for inspection when house is occupied when renting and buying and hence Section 8 / Voucher program tenants can submit paperwork in advance to avoid rent costs from going up when units are not rented.

Send completed application with all listed attachments, completed, signed Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form along with the voucher copy for processing by email or fax. Lease available for 12/24/24+ months. Monthly rent is more than $1400 for all properties. NO Pets. NO Smoking.

Amounts listed are suggested rent and can be adjusted higher in your application form after viewing excellent house interior. Hence check with your officer and / or inspector if listed rent is agreeable based on CMA. Preference given to tenants who provide all above documents on first come basis.

As provider of Equal Housing we track persons who keep changing RTA forms and will not consider them in future. We also share this information with many property owners for mutual benefit and best utilization of every tax payer's and HUD money.

Click here to open and print Rental Application

Security deposit is taken from ALL tenants prior to move in / keys release.

If you have big pet(s) the rent is higher to ensure carpet, interior cosmetics are returned in same higher quality condition as received at start of lease. This would be expected by future tenants just like you.

Call only between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm 703-334-6247 (landline number, NO TEXT). NO Pets. NO Smoking.

Rental, Short Sale, and Purchase referrals appreciated.
THANKS for considering.